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Founded in 2001, Agape Healthcare services was established to provide the required personal and medical care in a highly specialized assisted living and group home support system. We had a vision that by fostering meaningful relationships between our staff and our patients, we can create a caring environment and provide a superior level of care to our clients.

Agape is a full-service Home Healthcare Agency licensed by the State of North Carolina and certified under Medicare. We provide quality nursing care, group home, and other clinical supporting services. The compassionate staff at Agape Healthcare Services are experienced professionals who are committed to providing safe, home environment care for our clients.

By participating in ongoing training and various staff development classes, we striff to provide our clients with the very best health care, assisted living and group home services available. Our goal is to provide top-notch service that promotes our clients independence through habilitation, skills training, family support services and interagency cooperation.

Assessing a client's individual needs and preferences is fundamental to Agape's commitment by placing a skilled worker who will provide care, comfort and continuity during times of extra need. Our clients includes private residence, hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

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